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Roy Orbison - Loving Touch tab

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Loving Touch 

C                                  Dm
You've got the loving touch that I need so much 
               Bb                  F       C
You've got the loving touch that I need so much 
No matter how I try your love I couldn't buy 
        Bb                   F     C
Cause I need so much of your love 

             F                          C
I've got the world at my fingers and it stands at my feet 
      Dm                       Am
I can fly to the moon or I can sleep in the street 
        Dm              G                C7    
There's nothing in this world I couldn't do-o-o 

I get all that I want just by the wave of a hand 
There's nothing on earth that won't obey my command 
And now I find that all I need is you 

Repeat chorus 

Dm               /C#              /C           /B
I could give the world for you to hold and you know I could 
Dm              /C#                /C           /B
Everything I'd touch would turn to gold and you know it would 
Gm                                    C7  
But I need something else that's only yours for the giving 
Gm                                          C
I need something else to make my life worth living 

Repeat chorus 2 times 

by: Josť Duarte
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