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Roy Orbison - Time Changed Everything tab

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Time Changed Everything 

Intro:  D  G  C  C

C                   F
The town is not the same 
   C                     F
My friends don't know my name 
Em                  D 
Lots of things have changed
G		   F	   Em              D 
Things seem so wrong since I've come home 

It's been a year or so 
Since I had to go 
I wonder if she's waiting 
Or has she betrayed the promise she made 
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D          G
Now as I'm walking to her 
A             G           D
My doubts are too much to bear 
E                     A
Was she faithful or untrue? 
If I've lost her, what will I do 
Em                 B     Em
Now, we're face to face, as her eyes meet mine 
The answer I find is 
C            Dm    G
Time Changed Everything 
C            Dm    G
Time Changed Everything 
    C   Em  Am  G 
But her her her her

by: Josť Duarte
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