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Roy Orbison - Youre The One tab

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You're The One 
You give me the feeling of ascending.
Touching down and lifting off on feeling.
Rising through the thunder and the lightning.
Til I know the wonder so exciting.

    Bm             F#m
The world below us doesnt know us.
Bm                F#m             Fdim
Still they try to follow where we run.
Between you and me. Ooh, youre the one.

D               E
You, kissing my breath away.
G               A    
You, sharing my yesterdays.
Gmaj7         Em7
You tomorrow, lead Ill follow.
A			 A7
When I hold you, I am undone.
           Bm  A  G  F#m        Bm
Youre the one.      Youre the one.

Riding trough the heaven of sensation
Taken in your sunshine, sweet vibration.
Holding nothing back, youre my elation.
Trough the night my sightless fascination.

You hold me in and out of dreams.
Awake, asleep and loving leaves me stunned.
Between you and me. Ooh youre the one.


by: Jos Duarte
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