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Roy Orbison - The Crowd tab

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The Crowd:Roy Orbison.
#25 Australia & Canada, #40 in UK,
& #26 in USA in 1962.

NC                C                 F 
I go out with the crowd, I play the game,  
               Dm    G                     C 
pretending out loud..but it don't seem the same.  
                     C      C7           F 
For the heart of the gone from sight,  
               Dm     G                C     F Bb 
my part of the not with me tonight.  
               Bb                     Eb 
I remember the prom..every dance with you,  
              Cm      F               Bb 
all the crazy things..that we used to do.  
Sometimes we'd wait for a chance, 
and then we'd steal away,  
                       Cm     F           Bb 
from the crowd and the our hideaway.  
Ohh, but you're gone and it's not the same old game.. 
D                                  G   A 
I fall apart each time I hear your  
      D                                         G 
Guess I'll go along with the crowd..I'll make believe.. 
            D                Bb 
that you'll come back to back to me..  
      D           Gm         D 
hurry back to the crowd, and me. 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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