Roy Orbison - Walk On chords

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Walk On:Roy Orbison.
#39 in UK &121 in USA in 1968.

C                     Dm7        G               C
Walk on, if we should meet..walk on, on down the street. 
C                   Dm7        G                C
Walk on, don't even look..walk on, close up the book.

C                                          D
We don't want the world to see us, like we are. 
D                    G              C
We should never have even gone this far. 
C                                       D         
Quickly brush away that teardrop, walk away darling, don't stop.. 
           Fm       G   Fm   G          C
Don't look back for me, walk on.

D                   Em7
Walk on, don't turn around...
Em7                D
Walk on, to higher ground... 
D                                          E
Take the world we shared together, keep it in your heart forever..
         Gm  A       Gm   A        D
Don't forget me..oh, on.

D           G        A          D
If you ever love me, baby, walk on.

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.

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