Roy Orbison - An Empty Cup chords

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An Empty Cup:Roy Orbison.
Written and recorded by Orbison in 1957.
Buddy Holly did the song the same year.

INTRO: F Bb (x2) F

F                    Bb            F
One lonely this drive-in.
Bb        F        C                F
And now I know.....what a fool Iíve been.

Bb         C
She was to meet me.. (an empty cup, a broken date.)
we had a date.. (a broken date, an empty cup.)
a date at seven....I dreamed of Heaven,
now, itís way past eight.

C              F     Bb           F
She just drove by....with another guy.
Bb        F    C              F   Bb F
No wonder I....canít help but cry.

Bb                 C                     F
To think she never cared...just tears me up..
           G                       C
now, all I have, to show for this empty cup.

C              F       Bb         F
Just like this love is gone.
Bb           F        C            F
Iíve hit the Iím all alone.
Bb   F
All alone.

A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.

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