Roy Orbison - Falling chords

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Falling chords
Roy Orbison

    D            Dm7      A          Dm7  Bb7  A7  
I m falling, I m falling, falling in love with you.  
D                            Em     
Baby, come closer, closer to me, 
    A			   D 
and listen, listen carefully. 
Dmaj7            D7                       G         
Remember all the nights that I told you I loved you.  
    A7                                        D 
It wasn t true, I used you, and you were just someone new  
To thrill this lonely heart of mine.  
      G             Em    
I was lying all the time  
   A 					D  A7 
Pretending to be falling in love with you.  
But it s different now.  
I ve kissed you now, so forgive me, forgive me somehow.  
G       Em    G     A7             	 D 
Hold me tight for tonight, and tell me true,  
                  C#7 D            C#7 
If you still love me, say that you love me.  
               Em   A7                       D   A7  
Don t leave me now, now that I m falling for you.  
    D            Dm7      Em         A7 A        
I m falling, I m falling, falling in love,  
Em         A7 A      D 
falling in love with you. 

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