Roy Orbison - Leah chords

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Leah chords
Roy Orbison

E    A     E        A     E
Le-Leah, Leah! Le-Leah, Leah!
Here I go,
         A          E            B7
From the hut to the boat, to the sea
    Eb E
For Leah.

          E        A             E
Ah-hah, I gotta go diving in the bay,
                            A                  E
Gotta get a lot of oysters, find some pearls today,
   A             B7             E
To make a pretty necklace for Leah,
Eb   E

     E                 A                  E
I've gotta go deep and find the ones just right 
                          A        E
I'll bet my Leah'll be surprised tonight.
     A                 B7             E
I'll place the pearls around the only girl for me,
Eb   E

    E                    A            E
But something's wrong, I cannot move around 
                       A          E
My leg is caught, it's pulling me down,
         A                 B7                 E
But I'll keep my hand shut tight, for if they find me,
                           Eb E
They'll find the pearl for Leah.

    E                   A       E
And now it's over, I'm awake at last
                   A                 E
Old heartaches and memories from the past.
       A            B7             E
It was just another dream about my lost love,
      Eb   E
About Le-E-ah.

E    A     E        A     E
Le-Leah, Leah! Le-Leah, Leah!
Here I go,   
        A                E            B7
Back to sleep, and in my dreams, I'll dream
     Eb E    A      E
With Leah, Leah, Le-ah!

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