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Ruarri Joseph - Got My Share chords

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Got My Share

capo 3

Am G C(+ low E fret 3)

I'd stay the night girl, but its freezing

and the cigarettes to few

i can't sleep right now for dreaming

i fear i might not make it through

Am G C
it gets me all worked up inside to see you trying
Am G C
i guess its me who's got the issues after all
Am G F G
and how i wish for something different and something to repair
Am   G    F7
now i got my share
Am G C
oh baby i got my share


I'd stamp your ticket but your early

and that would not be fair

i always wondered where you'd run too

but always knew id find you there


E                                       F                                              E
Led by the wind, changes and spins like a ghost you've become
E                                                       F                      G              C
its a dead cert you'd win, something of a sin, but a well deserved one


i'm trying hard not to forget you

but out of sight is out of mind

but lucky me I've just lost patience

so now theres room for us to find
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