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Run River North - Rain chords

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Rain Ė Run River North
Capo 2

G to CMaj7 picking pattern  (use this pattern throughout)

  G                            CMaj7

Intro:   G     CMaj7    G     CMaj7

G                     CMaj7
Itís been pouring out, for quite some time
The rain wonít cut out
CMaj7                    G                 CMaj7
And it feels just like IímÖsoaked, to the soul, 
      G                    CMaj7
but I know, I still need a drink

So wonít you take a seat
At this table for two
A cup of water for me
CMaj7                     Em            D/F#      G
This umbrella for you, to watch the drops, play out
                Em         D/F#            G
Donít rush the clouds, theyíll take their bows
               C           D (x5400x)  Em (x7500x)
And float off stage, replaced by sounds
              C             DÖ.           G      G
A thunderous clasp, for shadows on the ground

G                     CMaj7
And this dream was real
My lifeís a myth
Iím just a tale of a boy
CMaj7                    Em   D/F#         G
Iím sinking quick into a man, with childish sins
             C       D            G       G
Born on his back, nailed to my chin

So where do I go from here
If here is all I have
Cuz I canít show no fear
Fear will just laugh back
Em        D/F#          
But maybe thatís just it

G       Am       G/B             C      D/F#          Em
Weíve forgotten how to laugh to cry, for what matters most
            C      D           G     G
So I will find my holy ghost

And is there a pot of gold
Thatís waiting for me
At the end of this rainbow
C                    Em         D/F#   G
Cuz I canít see the colours shine on me
       Em     D/F#     G
Or the other side of green
                 C         D    Em
I wonít let this be the only thing
      C        D           G      G
In my heart, I fight to leave

Requested by Matt Blowes at Laugh and Learn
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