Runrig - Life Is chords

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Runrig - Life Is

Easy song to play.

Life is hard, somehow
         C#m       A
Life is cold, somehow
It can make you, it can break you
    D            A
In pieces all around

There is no return
          C#m         A
Once the seal is undone
Morning dawning with life abounding
        D                A
But in time we all must fall
D               A       E
And it seems to be this way
A                  D            A
Hearts change and brightness fades
D       E          A          D
And it leaves you facing the days
           F#m             Bm  D
When your hope is blown apart
Life is hard 

Bridge: A, E, Bm, D,
        A, E, Bm, D, 

I walk you down that road
          C#m          A
It's the only road we know
Nights so blinding, the world denying
      D                 A
That love so loved the world
D              A        E
What words to ease the pain
A          D     A 
A life to live again
D         E        A            D
What can lift you up from this place
           F#m            Bm  D
Where you hold a broken heart
Life is hard 

Outro: A, E, Bm, D   Repeat to fade
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