Runrig - World Appeal chords

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Runrig - World Appeal

Intro: A

A           D
How can we close our eyes
A                      E
Watch our world break down and die
A          D
How can we let it be
A                 E
Slaves to world economy

World appeal
World appeal
This is our planet
Let it heal
A                        F#m
The earth, the rain, the air, the seas
This is our future
E               A
Let it breathe

A          D
How can we be like wood
A                    E
Watch our world cry out for food
A             D
How can't we start to see
A                   E
A glimpse of world simplicity


A             D
The hands of wealth are tied
A             E
Men of power run and hide
A                  D
But we're players you and me
A                       E
In the game of world duplicity


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