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Rush - Workin Them Angels tab

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                                Snakes and Arrows
                               Workin' Them Angels

Well, it's kinda hard to put the chords on top of the lyrics for this song, since 
they have different timings.

Work this progression during the intro and first verses:

G D      x3

Driving away to the east, and into the past
History receeds in my rear-view mirror
Carried away on a wave of music down a desert road




Memory humming at the heart of a factory town


E C A 
E C A (then A B G E quickly)

All my life
I've been workin' them angels overtime
Riding and driving and living
So close to the edge
Workin' them angels - Overtime


Chords during solo:
Em C A


For the other verses and choruses, the chords remain the same as to the intro verses and chorus.
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