Russian Red - Nick Drake chords

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Estos son los acordes para 'Nick Drake' de Russian Red.

Se debe colocar un capotraste (transportador) en el segundo traste para poder tocarla.

El strum de la cancion es bastante sencillo. Se debe colocar el pulgar siempre en el
bajo perteneciente al acorde; y los dedos Indice+Medio+Pulgar ocupan las cuerdas 3, 2 y 
1 respectivamente.

Intro: E Am (x2)

I can't ignore this game, my dear
all your insinuations break me
I have a faint, slight idea
of what is like your favourite nation.
Hit me with one more kiss
you won't find a better miss
or just keep wondering in your palace
you could as well take me for a flash dance.

E Am (x2)
E...Am... (x2)

Dm          G                          C
Every single night I'll sleep in silent sights
  Em    Am                  Dm
not to disturb your dreaming
               G                      C
No more insinuations or fake idilic nations
Em              Am
will set me far from where you are
Dm          G        C    Em  Am
Each single, warming night
Dm               G       C    Em  Am
Oh, each single, warming night

Dm  G  C  Em  Am
Dm  G  C  Em  Am

E Am (x2)
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