Rust - The River Flows chords

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Intro: E A G Ex3

Verse 1:
E                   A G E
Iím lost in a river
E                   A G E
Drowning in a stream
E                   A G E
Fishes fill my liver
E                    A G E
Searching for a dream
E                        A G E
No longer with my family
E                    AGE
They left me for dead
E                     A G     B     
Now Iím in this river as the water fills my head
And the river flows.

E A G E x2

E                                      A G E                      
The river is fast,(AGE)rapid, and mean.
E                        A G E                              A G E
Itís pretty on the shore but down deeps a different scene.
E                        A G E
It rips off your clothes
E             A G E
Fogs your eyes
E                        B
Clogs your ears (AG)and feeds you lies
The river flows.

Solo: E A G E x6    E A G B

E                A G E                A G E
You float around in your aqua prison
E                                      A G E
Steering away (AGE)from every collision
E                                 A G E
Make ties with the fish my friends
E                A G E
Youíll need them.
E                  A G     B
The riverís lonely and it clogs your visions
And the river flows.

E A G E  x2

ďCome with me,Ē (G) the river screams.
Am                Em
You run and wonít listen
ďCome with me,Ē (G)the river cries.
Am                 B
You run, but guess what? Youíre with him 
And the river flows.

E A G E   x2

Cut session:
E A G E (cut)123
E A G E (cut)12
A(hold)GE (cut)123
E A G(strum)E
A G(strum)E
Main Riff: E A G E   x2

E                          A G E
Iím alone(AGE)with my mind
E                                                A G E
Screams fill the ears(AGE)and tears soak the eyes
E               A G E
The waterís cold
E                 A G E
It shrinks my soul
E                    A G     B
It takes its fingers and it gouges a hole
And the river flows. 
EAGE (stop)
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