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Rustic Overtones - Dear Mr President tab

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Dear Mr. President
by the Rustic Overtones
off their new album, Light at the End.
Very simple, catchy song, with a good message.

The intro has two guitars, one strumming chords and one picking the chords. For the 
and choruses, you can pick the bass line easily, just hitting the 5ths.


F  Am  Dm   C  C#5
F  Am  Dm   C  C#5*


Dear Mr. President,
Am                     Dm                      C
Iím a soldier with the 82nd Airborne stationed overseas.
F                                      Am
My family and my friends all pray that God is watching over me.
Dm                     C
Even God canít save us now.

Bb              F
Mr. President, Iím writing you this poem,
Bb                                      F
And Iíve sent along this picture of my family back at home.
Bb                    Am            C
I hear my heart beat loud in these killing fields alone.
Bb                       F
I always hit my target; I just miss my happy home.

Bb                            F
When will be the end of this all?
         Bb                            F
Tell me, when will be the end of this all?
             Bb       Am          C
Now that our back is against the wall.

    F      C
Whoa, oh yea

---Repeat Intro once.---

             F                           Am
I joined the army like my father did and his father did before.
      Dm                              C
I saw Army green and canvas look like perfect art of war.
     F                        Am
The images I see now are like ones I saw before.
Dm                    C
How am I a hero if I donít know what itís for?
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Bb                        F
Days are getting longer, nights I never get to sleep,
           Bb                             F
And I just had a newborn daughter that I hope I get to see.
         Bb              Am                   C
Iíve got bloodshed on my conscience; sheís so innocent and free.
         Bb                              F
I just killed some babyís father, better him instead of me.

Bb                           F
When will be the end of this all?
Bb                                    F
Tell me, when will be the end of this all?
Bb                   Am          C
Now that our back is against the wall?
F                  C
Mankind is getting small.

--Repeat Chorus Once--

F                                      Am
Before the war, life it was beautiful, we marched out in the sun.
         Dm                             C
Now itís stars and stripes at funerals, our darkest days have come.
F                            Am
Dying in this combat zone, it scares me half to death,
Dm                                             C
ĎCause if I donít make it to heaven, whatís to live for after death?

Bb                                             F
Iíve seen mothers of the friends Iíve lost out marching in a crowd,
Bb                                                F
ĎCause their sons wear purple hearts inside their coffins in the ground.
Bb                 Am                      C
When they left for war, they thought their mommies would be proud.
Bb                                      F
When they faced off with their enemies, they fought to take them down.

Bb                    F
Hatred is tearing us all apart,
Bb                        F
Separation is tearing the world apart,
Bb            Am          C
Corruption is playing its part.

F      C
F      Am    Dm    C    C#5     F
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