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Ryan Adams - Now That Youre Gone tab

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Ryan Adams - Now That You're Gone


Capo 3rd fret studio (2nd fret live)

      E A D G B E   
Dm:   0-0-0-2-3-1 
G:    3-2-0-0-X-X 
C/G:  3-3-2-0-1-X 
Cm:   3-3-0-0-X-X
Em:   0-2-2-0-1-X
Am:   0-0-2-2-1-X
Am/F: 2-0-2-2-1-X <-use your thumb
Am/F#:1-0-2-2-X-X <-use your thumb
F:    0-3-3-2-1-X <-not A barred F
Fsus: X-X-3-0-1-0

Dm        G          C/G
 I ain't afraid of her
     Em              Am              Am/F#         Am/F     
I've hurt so much it feels just like normal to me now...

C/G  Am           F                C/G
I'm alone and I'm dancing with you now
        Am     F               G
In your old     room, in your old house...
C/G  Am           F                C/G
I'm alone and i'm dancing with you now
        Am     F                   G
In your old     room, but there's nobody there...

C/G Cm   C/G    Am(rift 1)
Now that you're gone...
C/G Cm   C/G    Am   G
Now that you're gone.

Dm    G              C/G            Em           Am
 Everything you ever touched, your fingerprints like
            Am/F#           Am/F           (Rift 2)
Crime scene evidence   undisturbed in dust...
Dm       G             C/G      Em       Am          Am/F#
 I don't dare touch anything of yours, because it's evidence of us
    Am/F                       G             
and it means everything...well sort of...



(Instrumental part)
 Dm, G, C/G, Em, Am, Am/F#, Am/F (X2) then G


Note:The rifts are not perfect but I think they sound pretty close.
Just giving you something to work from...I just figured he would repeat
the same chords and add hammer-ons.

(Rift 1)
  Am         F      C

(Rift 2)

I hope this helps, remember its not perfect, but when you play it, you can figure it out.
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