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Ryan Adams - Blossom tab

Intro: F  C  G  Am  F  C  G

          F         C
Without anyone to love you
 G                     Am                    
What will you blossom into?
          F         C     
Without anyone to hold you
How will you grow?

And in the Wildwood trees
The wild wind blows
        G                     Am   
And the nighttime crushes the hurricane roads
         F                  C
And with no one to care for you
Who knows
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C       Dm     Em                             G          Am  G  F
Blossom for me rose you're the picture of my love     
C       Dm     Em                               G     
Blossom for me rose stretch out underneath the stars
    Am    G       F
And when tomorrow comes
 Am     G       F  
I will hold you up
       F                        G        F  C  G  Am  F  C  G
Little blossom, shining in the sun

--The Rest of The Song Continues With the Same Verse and Chorus Progressions

--End on G
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