Ryan Adams - Movie Stars Hurt chords

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Ryan Adams 
Warren Peace
Movie Stars Hurt (aka Movie Star Girl - 2001)
No Capo
Standard Tune

by Michael G. Drexler

G           F
Movie stars hurt
          G           F           C/G
But they get everything that they want
       G          F
But a friend or a man
        G          +                      F         
Moving hard through the cameras in their face

     C/G                 G       F  
And trusting's getting harder to do
      C/G             G          F  
When they are losing interest in you
      G          F
They care about you
            G          F           Am7
She really cares about you and she smiles
                (G)       F
Just like they taught her to

G                 F         
Born with famous eyes
     G            F        C/G
She uses them to propagate lies
         G            F
For her ends and her outs
                   G                  F
It's not even her real name everyone shouts
     C/G             G              F
And trusting people taught you your burden
              C/G             G                   F
But you were programmed to repeat the things you learned
     G          F        G          F
She cares about me, she cares about me
            G          F       Am7
She really cares about me and smiles
    (G)              F
As much as it hurts inside
Yeah she smiles
    (G)          F
As much as she hurts

These girls
       G           F    G    F   G   F  C/G
These movie stars hurt
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