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Ryan Adams - Dear Chicago tab

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From the Demolition album.

There are various ways I've seen of playing this, depends where you have/put a
capo and I'm not sure how Ryan himself does it, but this is one way at least.

Capo 4th fret

Chords used, relative to capo:

C - X32010
F - 133211
Am - X02210
Asus4 - X02230
Em - 022000
G - 320033

Intro: (C)

The C's are played with hammer ones like this:

G|----0----0h2--and sometimes--0----0-----------------|

There are a few hammers on etc on other chords, such as
the F occasionally, but its nothing unusual, the usual
bits used with those chords.

Dear Chicgo

You'll never guess

You know the girl you said I'd meet some day

Well I got something to confess

She picked me up on Friday

Asked me if she reminded me of you

I just laughed and lit a cigarette

Said that's impossible to do

Life's gotten simple since

And it fluctuates so much

Happy and sad and back again

I'm not crying out to much

Think about you all the time

It's strange and hard to deal

Think about you lying there

Those blankets lie so still

Nothing breathes here in the cold

Nothing moves or even smiles

I've been thinking some of suicide

But theres bars out here for miles

Sorry about the every kiss

Every kiss you wasted bad

I think the thing you said was true

I'm going to die alone and sad

The wind's feeling real these days

Baby, it hurt's me some

Never thought I'd feel so blue

New York City, you're almost gone

Asus4         Em         F        G
think that I've fallen out of love 

Asus4         Em         F        G
think that I've fallen out of love 

Asus4         Em         F        G
I think that I've fallen out of love 

With you

Thats it. You may have a different way of playing it, but I
think this way works with the capo in place. I'm not to sure
about the Asus4 etc part, so any comments on that or the rest
of it to correct are welcome.
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