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From the Album Burning Bitter Years
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Standard Tuning
Capo 7
Bm-Am (indicates a slide down)

As I lie awake, itís your smile I take in
                 Bm-Am                     Bm    Am
and I know itís wro.ng because it doesnít belong to me.
When thereís a price to pay, for your love to stay
       Bm                  Am
I just might give up all I have.
C                Bm
So listen when I say
this fourth night of insomnia is cause of you.

G                F
Burning Bitter Years,
a collection of all my tears that have since dried.
G                F 
Burning Bitter Years,
the reason itís not there, it was never there to begin with.
C                                           G
Burning Bitter Years, you can erase all my fears.
             F                         Am Bm(x3)
You can do anything, anything at all.

Iím not perfect.
Itís hard for me to believe in
                Bm-Am      Bm-Am
something that you donít, you wonít.
                          Bm  Am
Maybe even something that I overlook.
C                        Bm    
But if it ever comes to this, us,
D                     Am
Iíll never disappoint you.

G                F      D
Burning Bitter Years
G                F      D
Burning Bitter Years
C               G
Burning Bitter Years
you can do anything,
anything at all.

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