Ryanhood - Born To Run To You chords

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Heres a [G]pretty girl in pig-tails and [C]he in tennis-shoes in a [G]field with the sun 
Over a [C]Bible [G]town, she in [C]her bridle [G]gown, [C]kisses her [G]man on the 
says I do.[G]
Says [G]I was [C]born to [G]run to [D]you.

But it [G]took a lot to get there. She measured [C]distance in [G]days, while she 
for [G]miles away[D].
Is [C]there such a [G]thing as a [C]love meant to [G]be, and [C]if so, is [G]one meant 
Cuz Im [F#m]lying awake and Im [C]aching to be with you, [F#m]aching to [C]sing to you [D]soon.

That [G]I was [C]born to [G]run to [D]you. You.
[G]I was [D]always [G]born to [D]run to [C]you, to [D]you. And I

(Instrumental jam)

Well I [G]dreamed that shed [C]come to me, [G]clothed in the [C]sun, and shed [G]fall in 
lap as a [D]sign.
So I made up my [C]mind to [G]believe that the [C]love I [G]needed would
[C]find me and I [D]found you and youre mine. And youre mine.

And [G]I was [C]born to [G]run to [C]you. [D]You.
[G]And I was [D]always [G]born to [D]run to [C]you, oh to [D]you. And I
[G]I was born to [D]run to you. I was [C]born to be [G]one with you.
[G]Put your hair in [C]pig-tails; Ill [D]wear my tennis shoes.
And well [G]we will both go [D]dancin in your [C]fathers [G]mansion.
We will [G]laugh and be [C]light, and [D]Ill run to [G]you.
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