Sabrina - Hero chords

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Band/Artist: Sabrina
Title: Hero

Verse 1:
          G                 Em 
Would you dance if I asked you to dance
          C2            Dsus4 
Would you run and never look back?
          G           Em 
Would you cry if you saw me crying?
              C2      Dsus4   G Gsus4
And would you save my  soul to  night

          G                    Em
Would you tremble if I touched your lips?
             C2                  Dsus4 
Or would you laugh? Oh, Please tell me this
          G                  Em 
Would you die now for the one you love?
           C2        Dsus4     G  Gsus4
Oh hold me in  Your  arms to  night

G   D           C2   C/E   D/F#  
I can be your hero baby
G          D      C2   C/E  D/F#    
I can kiss away the pain
G     D                 C2   C/E   D/F#  
I will stand by You for  ever 
G      D      C2   
You can take my breath away

          G                      Em 
Would you swear that youll always be mine?
             C2                Dsus4 
Or would you lie? Would you run and hide?
         G               Em
Am I too deep? Have I lost my mind?
        C2           Dsus4      G  Gsus4
I dont care Youre  hear  to  night
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