Sahg - Blizzardborne tab

band: Sahg
song: Blizzardborne
album: Delusions of Grandeur (2013)

tuning (my own, not sure if the band actually uses this):

-low E string: drop 3 semi-tones (drop D + 1 more semi-tone)
-A string : drop G (2 semi-tones)

I just cover the riffs I like to play in that one. Not the calm part neither solo.
Any questions or remarks:

Have fun

riff 1 (2x)

  3x         1x
e -----------||------------|
B --4--4-----||--3--3------|
G --5--5-----||--3--3------|
D -(3)-3-x-x-||-(3)-3-x-x--|
G -------x-x-||-------x-x--|
C -------x-x-||-------x-x--|

riff 2 (1x)

  3x         1x
e -----------||------------|
B --6--6-----||--4--4------|
G --6--6-----||--5--5------|
D -(4)-4-x-x-||-(4)-4-x-x--|
G -------x-x-||-------x-x--|
C -------x-x-||-------x-x--|

riff 2b (1x)

  3x         1x
e -----------||------------|
B --6--6-----||--3--3------|
G --6--6-----||--3--3------|
D -(4)-4-x-x-||-(3)-3-x-x--|
G -------x-x-||-------x-x--|
C -------x-x-||-------x-x--|

riff 3

e --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
B --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
D --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
G -----------------3h5-----------------0h1-----------------3h5---------------1-0--------|
C -0-0-2-3-5-3-2-0-----0-0-2-3-5-3-2-0-----0-0-2-3-5-3-2-0-----0-0-2-3-5-3-2-----5------|

riff 4 (2x)

e -----------------------------------------|
B -----------------------------------------|
G -----------------------------------------|
D ---------0h1p0---0h1---------0h1-3-1-3/5-|
G -0-2-3-5-------5-----0-2-3-5-------------|
C -----------------------------------------|

Then repeat riffs 1 and 2 but using arpegios and palm mutes
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