Sahil - Dil Chahey tab

Hey guyz...

Ive tabed diz song with gr8 difficulties but sorry ta say that de solo is still undiscovered...

The tabz go...

Fig 1(play with light distortion in intro n chorus n on clean guitar in verse)

e|------------------------------|  e|----------------------------|
B|------------------------------|  B|----------------------------|
G|------------------------------|  G|----------------------7-----|
D|--------12-x-10-x-7h8---------|  D|--------12-x-10-x-7h8---10--|
A|--7h8-8---------------10-8-7--|  A|--7h8-8---------------------|
E|------------------------------|  E|----------------------------|

E|---------------------------------------8-----|(not sure about diz part)

Play n enjoy!!
plzz rate too...
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