Said The Whale - Plans For The Future chords

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C            F              C               Am
Daylight is fading like an awkward smile

E             F       C
Sun hides behind the west coast

Am            E
I thought, I thought I knew 
         F        C
I had everything figured out

Am     E     F                 C    
'Til night came and I lost my shadow

Am E             F           C
Blended with moonlight and broken glass
Am   E         F          C
Ten hours of panic will follow

Am  E         
I watch the trees look black
    F                 C
My red shirt in is turning grey

Am E                  F            C
Strange things just won't stop appearing!

Give me day, give me light

These days, those days

Am E               F         C
I was taught to bottle my emptiness
Am   E          F                             C
Deal with my quarter-life angst by painting pictures

Am E                  F             C
Tip of my pencil describes what I might have drawn
Am E                   F                   C
Had my left brain and right hand been in contact

Broken section is now, read on

Dm           G         C            Am
Then all at once, the sky started raining
Dm            G        C
Soaked to the bone, stopped!

Dm           G        C           Am
People of nighttime, came out of hiding
Dm            G        C
One of them turned my way

           Dm            G
She said: "I'd like to tell you
        C             Am
Some things I wished I'd known 
Dm           G        C
When I was young like you

Dm                G
It won't take a second
         C             Am
But it could save you years
Dm                 G           C
Years passed like seconds out here"

Use verse chords here: 

I was enthralled with the way that 
She spoke so softly
For a lady of her finesse and personal hygiene
She had cuts, bruises, scrapes, scratches
Hair tangled everywhere
She spoke in a way that demanded my attention

You're at the top of your game
You're in control of your life
Pearl of the oyster
The cream of the (?)
What I would give for that, I hope you never know

So live your life!
Don't sleep through the night!
Life's worth a living!
You gotta start living it right!

So live your life!
Don't sleep through the day!
Dreams are for living!
You gotta stop letting them die

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