Saint Vitus - Prayer For The Masses tab

Song: Prayer for the (M)Asses
Band: Saint Vitus
Album: Hallow's Victim
Tabbed by: TrollFaceJesus

Hey everyone, this is my tab for this song, and I think it sounds pretty
awesome. All of the rhythm parts in the song are here, and the only thing
I didn't tab was the solo. Hopefully everything here is accurate, and that
you guys enjoy this tab! If you guys have any questions, corrections, or
comments, please feel free to leave me a message here, or to send me an
email! :D

Tuning: E-Standard

|-----| The song starts off with an E, along with a bunch of feedback.

Riff 1
|-----------------------------------------------| x8

Riff 2
|----------2----------------------| x6

Riff 3
|--------------------4/5-5-----------------------4--5--| x5

Riff 2 x 4

Riff 1 x 8

Riff 3 x 5

And that's pretty much it! (This song doesn't have very many parts,
but it is sure fun to play!)
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