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Sam Baker - Palestine Ii chords

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Palestine II - Sam Baker - Cotton
Capo 5

This is an amazing song and I hope this tab works out for you. Please comment or rate and Enjoy!!!

						And come in with the C chord for the verse

C			   G
Her people come from Nineveh
D			  Em
His people come from Rural Shade
C		    G
They met in the tent
On the traveling Nazarene
C			     G
She took his big hand in hers
    D					  Em
Led him from the tent to the piney woods
 D		Em
Both sixteen

C				G
A few months later they got married
D			Em
A few more months RoseofSharon got born
C	    G			  D
While he was out cutting pulp
C			G
A logging chain whipped
D			Em
He never walked again
			    D   Em
It was an accidental thing

C				G
So he drank when they had money
D			Em
She worked as a serving girl
C		G		    D
In the rich folks houses in town
C		    G
RoseofSharon grew up
D				Em
Cutting pictures out of magazines
		D		Em
Of houses big and clean

Interlude: C G D Em C G D

C			G
RoseofSharon ran away
D			Em
With a boy selling bibles
C			  G
Crossed the line in Shreveport
Turned 16
C				G
Calls her mother from the payphone
D                 Em			
A laundromat in Natchez
Its not exactly what I dreamed

C		G
Palestine, Palestine
D	   Em
Oh Palestine
Weve got Satan on the run
Shouts the Nazarene
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