Sanctus Real - The Living Proof chords

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           The Living proof By Sanctus Real 

Intro: A-G-C
A                G                 C 
And we live in a quiet world where many feel alone 
A                G                 C 
But if we leave an open heart and let our weakness show 
A                G                 C 
Together we will be a force that everyone will know 

     C                  G   
That we are the ones who choose to hold on
When hell breaks loose 

That we are the hearts that survive in the dark 

The living proof 
     F          G         G
That God is life and he's moving 

A                G                 C 
And we have made a mess of love we have the scars to show 
A                G            C 
And every mark a story of its own 
A                   G                C   
How in our weakness God is strong so all the world will know 

And he's moving..

And we are the weak 

And the broken

And the story

that are made to be healed for His glory 

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