Sandra Mccracken - Justice Will Roll Down chords

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"Justice Will Roll Down"
Sandra McCracken
Copyright 2010 Sandra McCracken

Capo 3

Intro: G - C   x4

G 			  C	       G
Oh my love you have grown so cold
	Em	   		C	        G
To the world outside to the house next door
		          Em         C			     G
She who has been loved so much has so much to give
		D	     C		G
Mercy is the fragrance of the broken


Justice will roll down
C		   Em
Justice will roll down
	 A7					  D		  C
(From) high upon those mountains with a mighty rivers sound
It will roll down
C			      G
	It will roll down

Oh my child I will be your light
In your secret pain in the dark of night
No enemy no conqueror could steal a life from me
I am your salvation and your victory


Bridge: | D   C   Em   A7   |   D   C   Em    C |

Soon oh soon
when the trumpet sounds
Every knee shall bend every heart will bow
I have made a new world where the servant is a king
Oppression will be over when the slave’s set free

...It will roll down
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