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Sandra Nasic - Stop The Crying tab

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Dmi	            C
Take my hand I just opened my eyes
Dmi	                           Ami
Take me through the shadows where noone dies
Where the cities of field
	C	                 Ami	      G
We walk out without shoes to the moon, to the moon

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Dmi	               C
Leave that road we get out of alone
  Dmi	                    Ami
I wanna give you backward I already know
This world is too field
	C	                       Ami	       G
And weīre still growing apart from the truth, from the truth

CHORUS: (2x)

Dmi               Ami
Don't stop the crying
Dmi	          Ami
Don't stop the crying
Dmi	          Ami
Don't stop the crying
         C    G
I'm with you

Iīm not ecactly sure with some text in the second verse so, thatīs why thereīs just a 
of the song, but I hope you can think it to the end...
I donīt know if itīs right, but it sounded quite good to me. Anyway if youīll find out 
mistake Iīll be glad you to tell me. Well, enjoy it, I think itīs not difficult =)
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