Sandro Silva - Let Go Tonight chords

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Sandro Silva - Let Go Tonight
(chords based on the Justin Prime remix of this track)

I can't seem to get the chord timing on the right words due to UG formatting issues, but 
it should be pretty obvious from listening when to strike each chord

Capo 6

Am                          Em
I look around at the world
             F                              G
And the world looks back at me
             Am                           Em
There's millions of faces, but I
        F           G
Only see one thing
Am                 Em
Oh I think it's fate but I
      F                 G
Get lost in everything
Am                Em
Maybe this is just for one night
F                      G
    What do you think?

            Am                        Em
Is it the love that keeps us here?
                 F                  G
Or is it the way that we move?
                Am                        Em
Maybe it's both but we don't care
               F        G
Just let it go, tonight

Am         Em
Hold me close
        F            G
And don't let go
                Am          Em
I could be yours, be mine
        F                         G
And we can forget the world

And let go tonight

Am Em F G

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