Sandwich - Art Too Di Too tab

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song: art too di too
artist: sandwich
album: grip stand throw

Intro: Bass
	C-D-Eb-G-C 8x
	D..D-Eb-D 8x

D  Eb-D     Eb  D   Eb  D
see my face without my mask
D	Eb   D    Eb   D   Eb    D
breathe my words and share this heart

sold my soul again
D	   Eb       F   Eb  D
and now I'm bleeding on the floor
save for my mind
D	  Eb	     F   Eb   D
but now I don't know what it's for
D			  Eb    F D
save me, take me, free me from my past
D	     Eb    F    Eb    D
I can't take this, this fucking want
            F Eb    D
I have just to find you

D	          Eb D
I never felt like this before
D		   Eb D
I can't escape my love for lore
D		         Eb D
please forgive this sin inside of me
D	Eb-D	 Eb
and you know, and you care
D	      Eb D
and you touch my wound

(repeat chorus)

interlude: D-Eb-D 8x
	   D-D-D-Eb-D 10x
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