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Sandy Mouche - Spiderweb Suit tab

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A song by the band Sandymouche (
This is a beautiful song that I wanted to find a tab for, but there wasn’t
 any so I reluctantly took matter into my own hands. This tab is pretty 
basic, but you can play along with the song. Just play it softly, pick some
 chords and turn to strumming where you see fit. 
I’ll try to work out the rest.

G- 320033

C               Em
I will sew you a suit
D                      Am
Made of spiderweb and glue
C                   G
With an anemon of blue
       C       Em           D              Am
If the suit is worn it will keep you safe from harm
C                       G
It will make sure you stay calm

[ Tab from: ]
G              Cadd9
The suit will keep you warm
          Am    D              Em            G           Cadd9           
When the trees undress they’re caressed by her Majesty the 

   D(tap the high e string on the 3rd fret)
Winter Queen
G             Cadd9                Am      D          Em           G
The suit will keep you calm when those you love are paralyzed and bravery
      Cadd9                D     
will shine through your eyes

Instrumental Stick: (I just try to play along-here's how it starts)
Bm F#m E

(Now for the rest of the song it’s another key and I’m still trying to work it
out but here’s something to lean on)

Your suit will keep you warm when the trees undress they’re caressed by her
Majesty the Winter Queen…