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Sara Evans - These Four Walls chords

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This is my very first Tab (Chord chart...whatever we call  I'd love 
it if you rated it.  It's one of my favorite songs by Sara and I could never find 
it anywhere.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!! :) I had fun doing this! 
Dorilyn :)

These Four Walls - Sara Evans
Capo 3

Wasn't That Long Ago
      C                         G
I Was Skipping To School With A Lunchbox
Pigtails In My Hair
Where Did The Time Go
               C              G
One Minute I'm Playing In The Sandbox
        C                D 
How'd I Get To Here From There
C                     G
   Making Lunches And Folding Clothes
C                         G
Is Not The Most Glamorous Life I Know
     Am      C       G         D
But I've Got So Much More Than Most

        G             C
I'm Not Famous But My Kids Think 
I'm A Star
        Em            Am
I'm Not Rich But I've Made A Million
C           D
Memories So Far
I May Not Be A Model
       Em                 C            
But My Man Thinks I Could Be
  Am              G
I May Not Be From Royalty
       Am    C    D
But In These Four Walls
I'm The Queen

I Had It All Planned
          C              G
First I'd Make It Big In Nashville
Then Take Hollywood By Storm

But It Was In God's Hands
There Were Three Little Lives That Would
Need Me
   Am      C        D
To One Day Be Their Mom
C                          G
   I Wouldn't Trade It For Anything
C                       G
Those Movie Stars Don't Have Everything
  Am       C           G           D
I Know I'm Right Where I Wanna To Be

Repeat Chorus

C        G          C             G
I Had To Let It Go, But I Have No Regrets
C               G                C
   I Would Have Never Known This Kind Of
G    Am C G

Repeat Chorus
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