Sarah Buxton - Big Blue Sky chords

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Big Blue Sky - Sarah Buxton and Jedd Hughes
From you-tube video:

Tuned half step down

G                     Em
I suppose its time to see where this will go
C                 D(Slide C)              G-bounce-C
Let's say all the things we already know
G                         Em
Let's start making plans, I want you to see
C             D(Slide C)                     G-bounce-C
I ain't got a doubt, you're the only one for me


G-bounce-C                  C & (slide bottom two to 3rd)
I'm gonna step up,          Gonna stand tall
Im gonna take your hand and understand when you need a place to fall
           Em                    D
Gonna come through, stick up for you
    C   G        D       G(Em)   C      G       D        G-bounce-C
And any time you want to fly,    I will be your big blue sky

This new world is tough, love can lose its way
You and I gotta be strong, take it day by day
We've got something real, We can make it last
I'll give you my word, I'll never take it back


F      C       G
Big... Blue... Sky in your eyes
F      C       D
Big... Blue... Sky...


    G            D       Em
And any time you want to fly,
C               slide C to 3rd       F7        G-bounce-C
I will be your Big...                Blue...   Sky...

D(Slide C) = A Regular C chord slid to 3rd fret, thus a D of sorts
G bounce C = Play G chord with your 2nd, 3rd, 4th fingers to enable you to use your 1st 
and second finger to quickly (bounce)
back and forth from G to C chords.
G(Em) = Either chord will work. I alternate dependant upon the intensity of the vocalist 
what emphasis I like (minor/major)

Enjoy! It's a very nice duet between a female/male vocalist. There are a whole number of 
pull-offs you can use off these chords to add to the complexity and sound.

-Ian Magary
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