Sarah Dawn Finer - I Remember Love chords

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I can see it in your (C)eyes
I can see it in (G)your face
I could feel it when we (Em)touched
It used to mean so (C)much
But now it's (D)gone away

We were young and dreams were (C)new
And every word we said (G)was true
Any mountain we could (Em)climb
You made me feel (C)alive
The first time (D)in my life

Yes, I (G)remember (C)love
So (D)beautiful(G)
(G)Now I know my (C)heart is (D)breakable(G)
(G)'Cause I remember (C)love
The true (D)meaning (Em)of
I (C)remember(D), I (C)remember(D) love(G)

Though the years have come and gone
Oh, and by now we've both moved on
I admit that there are nights
When I wonder why
Why we said goodbye

'Cause I remember love
So beautiful
Now I know my heart is breakable
'Cause I remember love
The true meaning of
I remember, I remember love
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