Sarah Geronimo - Saturn chords

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D                           D
Almost had myself fooled, thinking all was fine
Without you I am empty

D                        G
You made me who I am, And what could rise
Keep ths alfoat forever


F#m   G          F#m     G
But I'm afraid, I have to say bye now
F#m   G             F#m   G
It's getting late, I have to get by somehow


D  A  F#m 
I've seen saturn thru a telescope
Bm                   D A F#m
And Im losing hope, It doesn't matter if you don't let go
As long as I know, you know

Verse: (Do Verse Chords)
I want to hold you, Coz this just might be our last
You're the miracle about me, I see desire in the midst of casual eyes
Keep this afloat forever

(repeat refrain)


D  F#m
And now you'll take flight
Take my soul with you, before we see tonight
If you'll be gone tomorrow
You'll be right here, you'll be right here
 F#m G
You'll still be here (fixated)

Chorus 2:(Do Chorus Chords)
I've seen saturn thru a telescope
And I'm losing hope in you
It doesn't matter if you don't let go
As long as I know...

(repeat chorus and repeat chorus 2)
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