Sarah Geronimo - You Mean The World To Me tab

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Title: You Mean The World To Me
Artist: Sarah Geronimo
Chords by: Jeramae

Tuning: Standard


Bm                 F#m
Baby, you oughtta know
That everywhere that I go
I can't see nothing
Unless you're here with me
Can't you see
That everything that I do
Is just no good without you
I'm going crazy
Coz you mean the world to me
  Bm           Em
I was lost, so cold and alone
F#           Bm
Defeating my hungry soul
Bm              E
Up and down I tumbled around
F#                 Bm
Looking for my futre home
Bm             Em
Then you came to rescue 
F#               Bm
Sent from heaven above

G               D
Day by Day I've found my way
Em                F#
All because of your love
Em                F#
You mean the world to me

Everytime we touch 
G             A
I feels like fire
I can't get enough
      G         A   
Of this sweet full thing
 Bm              A
Each and everyday I know
G              D
Our love will grow
Em                  F#
This is how life should be
You mean the world to me

Bm           Em
Takes a fool lose what I have
 F#                      Bm
I promise you'll never do wrong
Bm         Em
I'll glad to give you my all
F#                Bm
I'll be there whenever you call
Bm               Em
There's no doubt, I know you're the one
F#                Bm
I will stay right by your side
G                 D
You're my true devoted sun
Em                F#
The one to make me see
Em                F#
You mean the world to me
(repeat chorus)
(repeat 1st and 2nd stanzas)
(repeat refrain)
(repeat chorus 3x)
Day by day, I've found my way
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