Sarah Harmer - Go To Sleep chords

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Use fingerpicking with bass string on first beat, 3/4 measure
A(-) means: just the bass note, no picking
The instrumental needs work!

Dsus2 Dsus2
Dsus2 Dsus2
Go to sleep
             A     A
At least lie here awhile
G       G             Dsus2        A
Best to look straight through your eyelids
Dsus2    Dsus2  A      A
Count or listen to the voices
G            G       Dsus2       A (-)
But don't go out and down to the landing

Dsus2 Dsus2 A (G) (Dsus2) Dsus2 G Dsus2

Dsus2   Dsus2
Give it time enough
A              A
I'll check the clock
    G         G       Dsus2   A
And you'll be still until I leave
     Dsus2 Dsus2   A   A
The living room is on
               G          G
and lights are blaring
Dsus2     Dsus2
With the TV

And you say
Dsus2        (-)     A            A
Clap once for me and I'll know
Dsus2  Dsus2         A         A
I'l be watching on my pillow
Dsus2           Dsus2         A    A
Clap twice I'll see what you mean
Dsus2  Dsus2      A            (-)
It was one for the other team
Dsus2 Dsus2             A        A
Go to sleep or at least keep the light off
     G      G       Dsus2       A
I'll see it shining through the cracks
Dsus2   Dsus2           A
You may be missing some things
   A                G
But if you leave it open
   G         Dsus2           Dsus2(-)
Some of them might come back
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