Sarah Kelly - All That I Desire Is You chords

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           A                                A/D
There is a treasure (echo)  that money can't buy (echo)  
           A                              A/D 
There is a fountain (echo) that never runs dry (echo)  
           A                                A/D 
There is a faith (echo)  that's more than a feelin' (echo)  
                A                                     A/D 
And there is no question (echo) that I found the real thing (echo)  

    G                                D/F#
And I would rather die than live one day without You 
             A                    E 
Because Your love is better than life  
             F#m                  D 
My lips will praise you all of my days 

           A                            A/D
There is a place (echo)  where I am accepted (echo)  
           A                               A/D
There is a shelter (echo)  where I am protected (echo)  
           A                           A/D
You are my Savior,(echo)  my true companion (echo)  
           A                                  A/D
And I will pursue You  (echo) with reckless abandon (echo)  
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