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Sarah Mclachlan - Wait tab

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From: Johnson Malone []
Sent: Sunday, January 18, 1998 2:07 PM
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Song:   Wait
written and performed by Sarah McLachlan

from the album "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy"
2nd track

transcribed by Georgia Macdonald

This is my interpretation of what the chords of this great song.
If anyone knows the meaning of this song please post a message at  !!please!!

The introduction and verses go like this:

Bm  -  -  -
F#m7  -  -  -
"Under a blackened sky"
Asus  -  -  -
Esus  -  -  -
"Far beyond the glaring street lights"
Bm  -  -  -
F#m7  -  -  -
"Sleeping on empty dreams"
Asus  -  -  -
Esus  -  -  -
"The vultures lie and wait"

The chorus goes like this:

G  /  /  /
"When all we wanted  .  .  ."
Bm  /  /  /
"Was a dream"
D  /  /  /
"For heaven to hold that  .  .  ."
G  /  /  /
"Precious little thing"
G  /  /  /
"With every generation  .  .  ."
Bm  /  /  /
D  /  /  /
"A newborn hope  .  .  ."
A  -  -  -
"Unjaded by their years"

The interlude / bridge part is just the verse disorted and with heavy
or someone could transcribe a solo!

And that is about it.  There might be a few mistakes  (Esus could be
or Esus/B  and  F#m7 might be just F#m) but don't kill me over them
(besides, Sarah McLachlan's fans are 99% nice people!!!)

Also could play the song with a capo on the first fret [Capo I]
(I think how Sarah does it)
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