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Sarah Reeves - Come Save tab

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Capo 1

Verse 1
C#m7         G#m7       A   B     
Time is running out, come save.
C#m7        G#m7        A   B
Death is creeping in, come save.
     A        E            A        B
We humble ourselves, and seek, your face.
 A             E            B
Pour out your mercy, like rain.

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                       E       B       A
Your sons and your daughters, cry for you.
                    E       B       A
The waves of the waters, reach for you.
               C#m7      G#m7        A
And all of creation rises up, and screams of your name.
    B            C#m7
Oh Lord, come save.

Verse 2
C#m7    G#m7         A         B  
Addicted to our pride, come save.
C#m7         G#m7       A        B  
Consumed in self delight, come save.
 A            E         A        B
Break us and free us, from these chains
   A             E         B
We desperately need your grace.

        A                 B
Come awaken us from our sleep,
        A               B
Come bring us to our knees,
        A                  B
Come whisper truth in our ears,
       A      B
Come save, yeah.
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