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Satriani Joe - Speed Of Light tab

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F                     C
Good night, New Orleans
A#         C                A#
Things are exactly as they seem
      C               F
But I know we're around

F           C
Hello Mexico
A#           C             A#
You're where I was told to go
C                          F
If I don't want to be found

--First chorus--

A#                    F
There's no end to the winter
C                      D
Waking at the break of dawn
A#               F
In the middle of summer
C                      D
Living at the speed of light

--Second verus--

Same pattern as first

--Second chorus--
A#                     F
In my heart there is a hunger
C                 D 
I will never give away
A#                          F
Just try to stop from going under
C                          D 
Till the dawn of Judgement Day
C                      D
Living at the speed of light
C                      D
Living at the speed of light
              A#            F
Burning your love on the way
Burning your love away  
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