Savoy - Tears From A Stone chords

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Title:  Tears from a Stone
Artist:  Savoy
Music and Lyrics:  Lauren and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy

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G	Am	F	C
G	Am	F	C

	        G	   Am	      F	     C 
In the dawning hour, break of day

	            G		           Am	      F	     C
strikes an old church tower a mile away.

	          G  	      Am		     F	       C
Based on old transcriptions from a song

	         G  Am    F
we'll be mining tears from a stone.

	              G	Am	F	C
From a stone

		             G	 Am	F	C
Tears from a stone

As the morning daylight enters here
we'll be adding curses to a prayer.
Taking notes down as we go along
we'll be mining tears from a stone.

From a stone
Tears from a stone

You shoot the blame out like a star
that never asked us who we are.
You shoot a wish out to the sky
that never asked us where we hide.
Where we hide.

From a stone.
Tears from a stone.
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