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Saw Doctors - Same Oul Town tab

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The Saw Doctors - Same Oul Town
Standard tuning

Verse 1:
Same oul faces, same oul streets,
A                  E
Same oul people is all you meet, 
Too long Waitin', standin' round,
A                          E
I'm sick and tired of this same oul town,


(same chords)
Same oul drizzle, Same oul rain,
Same oul walkin back home again,
same oul heartache, lost and found,
same oul story, same oul town,

         A                  E 
And i go out for a walk, to see if there's news, 
    E                               B
The rain on the path leakin into me shoes, 
         A                          E
And i do talk to myself, cos i'm my only best friend,
     E                    B              A   
It's sunday night, nearly monday mornin' again

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verse 2:
Same oul monday, closed all day,
the farmers and their wisps of hay,
same oul hangin around the square,
same oul spoofers, same oul stares,

you're welcome back, yeah bang the door,
this christmas time and the time before,
don't like askin, y'know, you're fairly wide,
you'd never give us the price of a pint,


verse 3:
y'know, you'd often wonder, as the years go past, 
why you ever bothered goin to mass, 
was it the fear o' god, or, to find a wife or just,
buyin' shares in the after life?

the bell still tolls, i heard it there, 
for the final journey up through the square,
shop doors close, and blinds come down,
same oul story, same oul town

Chorus 2: (same chords as chorus)
And i do howl at the moon, i go barking at dogs,
take off all me clothes and lie out in the bog
and i do talk to meself, cos i'm my only best friend, 
its sunday night, nearly monday mornin' again, 


(Extra verse on "Live in Galway,")

one of these days, i'm goin to fly, 
up into that endless sky,
if i ever come back down, 
far away from this same oul town,

E                     A               E
its just the same oul story, same oul town (repeat to fade)
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