Say Hi To Your Mom - Dimensions And Verticals chords

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Intro: D F# x4

D                               F#
Lets say the world was a legal pad
D                               F#
and everything was two dimensional.
     G                                A
But somehow you were the third coordinate
               Bm              A
and you were towering over our college rule.
          G                                  A
Would you draw me with your pencils and your pen,
     G                              A
make me much prettier than I really am?
              G                                 A
And could you draw us with some picture perfect friends
             Bm          A/C#
if I chipped in for the ink?

D                                  F#
Lets say you spilled all your coffee
   D                        F#
on us while you weren’t looking.
    G                                     A
And all our world was stained, awake and drowned.
             Bm                     A
And all your doodling looked pretty foul.
          G                              A
Would you draw me air bubbles so I could breathe?
      G                             A
Or at least some chlorophyll making trees?
     G                                    A
If I got erased would you even still love me?
                  Bm                    A/C#
Or would you just draw yourself another he?
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