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Saybia - Its Ok Love tab

This song is originally played on the piano, but I thought it would be great to be
able to play it on the guitar, so here ya go. Oh, by the way, this is my very first
tab, so don't expect it to be flawless.

Intro:  G   F   G   F  (2X)

Caught in a well between heaven and hell
It's gettin lonely out here
Highways and hotels and headliner shows
It's all just making me sad

Verse 1:
Sorry if I ever let you down
I never meant to
Stayed inside the only world I know
'till I forgot
that nothing is as beautiful as when
I am with you
                Dm7       F
and life isn't life out there
without you here

Am7           Dm7              F      C
Just when I thought there was nobody out there
Am7         Dm7         F    C
No one who quiet understood me
   Dm7             G          C               F
I glanced to the side and I found you there smiling
Dm7         C         G
patiently holding my hand
        F        C         Dm7  Am7
Saying over and over "it's OK love
Dm7    F         C
easy love, I'm here"

Verse 2:
So finally I'm ready to reveal 
what my heart tells me
bring out all that's good inside of me
and let it shine
Knowing that I'll never be alone
while I'm with you
and that life isn't life out there
without you here


Repeat Intro


Tabbed by: Joshua Heeres ;)
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