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Scarce - Imagine It tab

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Date: Fri, 22 Nov 1996 9:57:42 +0200 (CET)
Subject: Imagine it by the Scarce

This is a wonderful acoustic song to listen and play as well.
I'll great appreciate if anybody could provide me with the lyrics ...
	Angelo Taibi


			Imagine it


She says I'm girl ...
     G	    D     Am    (twice)

She says that it's simple ...
     G	    Am	   Em     C    D	(twice)

Now I have to smile ...
  G     	D     Am     Em 	(twice)

She said I'm ...
    G      Am     Em     C    D        (twice)

It's not something ....
	C	D	(three times)

Imagine it ...
   Bm	C		(three times)

It's a kind ...
	G	D	Am
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