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School Of Rock - Long Way To The Top tab

This is quite an easy song to play so even beginners will be able to get this. The song 
half a step down. I am only doing the solo cause i think the other tabs have got the 
pretty good.


bu-bend up
bd-bend down
rp-re-pick bend
h-hammer on
p-pull off

eb|-----------------------------------| |--------|    |--------------------|
Bb|---------------5-------------------| |--------|    |--------------------|
Gb|-7(9)(9)(9)(7)-5--7(8)(8)(8)(7)5~--| |------5-|    |----------5-5-5-----|
Db|---bd-rp-rp-bu------bd-rp-rp-bu---7| |-5h7p5--|    |-5h7p5hp7-5-5-5-7~~-|
Ab|-----------------------------------| |--------|    |--------------------|
Eb|-----------------------------------| |--------| x4 |--------------------|


thanks for looking, remeber to comment and rate =-)
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